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I became my own Mentor

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

I, Shannon, had my first premonition at the age of 4, how does one explain this experience to myself, much less to other people? This was the very first time I subconsciously learned to hide my authenticity, I felt abandoned and cursed. I spent a life time of hiding and not understanding my Intuitive Abilities. When I embarked on my own spiritual journey, I felt lost and alone, struggling with negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. I spent years searching for answers and trying different approaches, but nothing seemed to work. Besides not feeling as if I had anyone to help me, I couldn’t find anyone who understood me. I spent the majority of my life faking it and secretly hating myself. I was so good at faking it, even I was fooled. I thought loving myself was doing something nice for myself, treating myself to something, setting a boundary with someone, etc, but honestly I had no idea how to love myself. Can you relate?

my boys at 3 & 6 months

In 2015 I began to change things at a slow pace. 1in 2016, after the birth of my second child, I really said enough was enough. One night, I put my 2 young boys to bed, as I lay there, like every night for the past 6 months, I began to cry. I quietly slipped out of bed attempting to not wake them up, only to crawl to the corner and quietly sob.
No one was coming to save me, no one was going to change my situation except for myself. Sitting in the dark I looked over at my boys. As I took a deep breath, tears still running down my face, I felt something shift and I was all in. I was done experiencing one sided relationships, partners who were emotionally unavailable, waiting for someone to magically whisk me away. I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and not only be proud of who I am, but happy at what I saw. I wanted to finally love life and experience joy every second of the rest of my journey.
So I made a decision and began my journey. I decided to change everything. I let go of the victim mentality playing on repeat in my head. I was done suffering, done with half ass relationships and done working my butt off just to wake up and do it again and again. I wanted to live life full of joy so I made a choice and I decided I to take charge.
Although having my first premonition at the age of 4, I wasn't taught about spirituality. I learned everything though my own research. Stumbling along things throughout my life and educating myself on the different topics. When 2016 rolled around I had already been practicing Massage Therapy for 9 years, Reiki for 6 years, & I had a secret YouTube channel where I did Tarot Readings. I was a single mom of 2 kids (under the ages of 5) and in the process of transitioning from working as a contractor for other businesses to having my own business. I begun meditating daily, sometimes 3-4 times a day. While in meditation, I would receive words I didn't know and when I came out of meditation I would start researching the words. I began working through my shadows, deepening my Psychic Abilities, and working on my connection to Source.
​About 9 months later I began to go through a second Dark Night of the Soul. These episodes are not for the fait of heart, they make you question everything and you actually feel like you are going crazy. While going through the Dark Night of the Soul, I had no one to help or guide me. People I talked to looked at me like I was crazy. I only had my own desire to change, a little guidance from people in the field, advice from others who had never experienced what I was going through, and the highly misguided internet. I educated myself about the fundamentals of healing my triggers, learning to love myself, and made it a mission to change my outlook about myself and my life. 

It worked!

Now I'm pleased to become YOUR Mentor

I learned how to set goals, build a plan, and create a roadmap to achieve my dreams and become who I wanted to be. I mastered my awakening, healed my triggers, raised my vibration, kept myself accountable, motivated and focused on my journey. I figured out the formula. My life changed dramatically, people were noticing me, I was happy, and I was experiencing so many synchronized events, and the most joyous gift was in Dec of 2019 when I blessed to sit with Source.

Most people struggle along their journey because they don’t have the needed support to keep them from falling back into bad habits, someone to help them through the hard times, or be able to find the proper support and advice personally tailored to them for the most powerful results. I know first hand how difficult and frustrating it can be to navigate the spiritual path alone, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With my mentorship program, you’ll have personal support from myself, a seasoned expert who has spent years helping thousands of clients transform their lives, you’ll gain access to a personalized program designed to help you break free from negative mentality and limiting beliefs, while healing the triggers that hold you back. You’ll also learn how to honor your natural abilities and use them to create harmonious relationships and live a life full of purpose and passion.

With the Spiritual Gangsta Mentoship Program, you will experience transformation to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. You will have the support and tools you need to stay on track to achieve your goals, you’ll have someone to keep you accountable every step of the way. Imagine feeling confident and able to look in the mirror loving everything about yourself.

It’s time to take control of your life and create the future you’ve always wanted. Sign up for the Spiritual Gangsta Mentorship Program now and start living your best life today.
  • The Gangsta Gauge - A personalized evaluation that assesses your current level of Gangsta and is tailored to your unique needs. You will be able to track your Gangsta Growth during the mentorship and see how far you've grown. ($497 Value)
  • In Depth Reading into your Human Design Profile - This Profile will empower you to make the best and highest choices in life AND you will receive a customized plan for the Mentorship Program ($2397 Value)
  • Unlimited On-Demand chat support weekdays from 9-7pm for the duration of your 3, 6, or 12 month program - to keep you on track, motivated, and devoted. ($2999 Value)
  • Weekly 1-on-1 accountability calls for 60 or 90 minutes with Shannon - Uncover blockages or plateaus, review the weeks assignments and a personal healing session ($3199 Value) A Weekly Spiritual Alignment session, either in person or by video call, to help you stay centered and focused - Includes sound healing, distance reiki and other methods ($599 Value)
  • A personalized Sound Bowl Meditation recording with affirmations to help you relax and de-stress ($250 Value)
  • BONUS: Access to the Tarot Reading Course - Covers all the basics of reading tarot for yourself and other people - unlocks a residual income stream. ($2499 Value)
  • BONUS: Access to special classes on intuition, meditation, sound healing, education, aromatherapy and more, ($200 value per class)
  • ​BONUS: Free Spiritual Gansta T-Shirt - Rep the Gansta lifestyle you are to everyone around you. (Priceless)
  • BONUS: A copy of my "Best Fucking Journal" ebook checklist to deepen your knowledge and understanding (Priceless)
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