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Anchored Soul Therapy
bringing Health and Healing to your
Mind, Body, & Soul.

Connect. Reflect. Transform. Transcend.

When we allow ourselves to become truly CONNECTED to who we are, we begin to REFLECT on our life, TRANSFORMING ourselves, our Being, & our Lives as we TRANSCEND for our highest good. 

Welcome Gangstas
Spiritual Gangsta, Shannon
has been in the Holistic Health industry for over 15 years with a lifelong journey of Spirituality. She uses her natural-born intuitive gifts and multiple trainings in the Holistic Healing field to assist her clients in finding peace, clarity, and healing. Shannon is committed to your growth and healing as much as she is her own. Shannon can help you gain answers to your most pressing concern and gain insight on your path to healing. She is dedicated to not only helping you in these areas, but also teaching you how to heal and be able to do so on your own. 
Shannon Shipp beach meditation and cleansing
Shannon Shipp sound bowl meditation
Shannon Shipp psychic medium tarot readings
Besides her Mentorship program,
Shannon’s most popular offering is the Spiritual Alignment, which brings balance, oneness, and peace to your entire being allowing your Energetic & Spiritual Body to feel a beautiful reset. 
She also offers Intuitive/Psychic Readings to provide guidance on your most pressing concerns. And if you’re missing a loved one, yes even your pet, Shannon can connect with them through Mediumship to bring you messages from beyond. We hope you’ll explore all that Shannon has to offer and feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule a session.
Shannon is skilled in a wide range of therapies that she gained over her lifetime of study withing the Holistic field. can be customized to meet your specific needs. Weather you're looking for Guidance along your path, an Energetic Reset, Physical Healing or a Deep Transformation, Shannon has the right tools to get you Aligned on your Highest Path.  
You can Schedule to have your service
In Person, On Line or On Location
At Anchored Soul Therapy, we understand that life can take us on many journeys, and sometimes we need guidance along the way.
That's why we offer our services to clients all around the world through phone or video conference.
Additionally, for those located in or near West Palm Beach, Florida, we also offer in-person and on location services.
No matter where you are in the world, Shannon is committed to helping you tap into your inner wisdom and reveal your true potential.

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