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🌎 Earth Signs ☀️ May

I’m hearing some of you should read the AIR SIGNS READING. Some of you may have air energy in your top 3 placements or maybe you’re dealing with an air sign.

This month it says not to give up on your goals and your financial manifestations. Thing are coming.

Some of you are really stepping into a more mature energy. You can really honor this by not focusing on giving of yourself to other people. Give that energy to yourself truly look in the mirror and recognize where it is you have been selling yourself short.

Things will feel a little stagnant, by midmonth. But you will be able to step out of this energy and feel more loving and receptive energy from yourself and those around you towards the end of the month.

I see consulting, mentor regarding business or consulting your friends regarding love. Remember whoever you’re consulting with look at their life and see if the life or flex the advice you are striving to get. Meaning don’t talk about your love life to your single friend and expect her to give you marriage Advice. If they are not living the dream you were striving for do not seek advice from those people not even as an outlet. These people will lead you astray and not on purpose. It’s just because they don’t have experience in the area you’re looking for and they want to help you.

Again, the end of the month is promising as you continue to reveal to yourself how much you have to give others.

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