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Introducing our Smoke Cleansing Smudging Bundles, designed to provide a transformative and purifying experience for your space. Each bundle offers a unique combination of sacred herbs, carefully selected to suit your specific intentions and needs. Whether you seek to cleanse and renew, cleanse and protect, harness the power of three, or enjoy a variety of scents, we have the perfect bundle for you.


Choose from the following:

1) Cleanse and Renew: Our "Cleanse and Renew" bundle includes a pack of fragrant White Sage and two Palo Santo sticks. The White Sage purifies and clears negative energies, while the Palo Santo brings a sweet and woody aroma that uplifts and renews your space.


2) Cleanse and Protect: Experience the "Cleanse and Protect" bundle featuring the powerful duo of White Sage and Dragon's Blood Sage. White Sage clears away negativity, while Dragon's Blood Sage offers energetic protection, creating a shield of positive energy.


3) The Power of Three: Embrace the "Power of Three" bundle, a potent combination of White Sage, Yerba Santa, and Dragon's Blood Sage. This trio of sacred herbs provides a comprehensive cleanse, emotional healing, and heightened spiritual awareness.


4) The Variety Pack: For those seeking a diverse range of scents and benefits, our "Variety Pack" includes White Sage, Palo Santo, Yerba Santa, and Dragon's Blood Sage. Each herb contributes its unique properties, allowing you to customize your smudging experience.


Indulge in the ancient practice of smoke cleansing with our thoughtfully curated Smoke Cleansing Smudging Bundles. Select the bundle that resonates with you, set your intentions, and let the sacred smoke purify, protect, renew, or offer a delightful variety of aromas, bringing balance and positive energy to your space.

Smudge Kits

    • Choose from 4 different types of smudging kits to save money and enhance your cleansing practice.
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