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December 🌲 Water 💦 Signs

Welcome to December water signs. The month of head looks very auspicious for you the beginning of the month it feels like you are rolling in the dough. You have a lot of positivity in your finances. You're feeling good & feeling free. You really feel like you have gained control over the mindset that has kept you from really feeling abundant in the past few months.

Mid month it looks as though you are faced with some decisions where you may have to take your time, and penny pinch as you break through illusions and really use your discernment in figuring out what is really fruitful and what is just a poster board dream. Take your time with the decisions or you could feel like you are reaping negative karma all over again. It’s OK to say no.

During the end of the month, it feels like you are walking away from things that are not serving you, and just because you are rooted in an emotional sign it may feel like you’re losing out on something towards the end of the month. Just make sure that you remember the energy that you are feeling in the beginning of the month filled with gratitude and  carry that energy through the end of the month and things will shift for you.

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