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Mystic Monday 1/22

Embrace the energy shift this week for abundant outcomes. 🌟 Join me on this journey of intuitive healing, self-help, and psychic insights. 🌀 Based in West Palm Beach, serving souls worldwide.

⚓️ It's time for you to take control of the transition. What up Gangstas?  It’s your girl Shannon and I'm here with the Mystic Monday reading. Bottom of the deck is the Queen of wands. So this week this is your overall energy that you need to be embodying. The energy of the Queen of Wands where she is very passionate, she's creative and she's driven because she loves the life that she has created. You are in the process or you are really finally ending cycles. It's really time for that transition. Midweek you kind of run through some anxiety, some worry, some disappointments, and it's asking you to have strength in your own energy and strength about the direction that you're moving in your life. OK, justice will prevail, is what I'm hearing by the end of the week. And we have the King of Wands. So this is you stepping up even deeper into the passionate, creative energy dispute having to walk your path alone.

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