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⚓️ Mystic Monday ⚓️ I0/2

What up Gangstas? Have you been feeling a little defeated? It’s like all of a sudden the energy has vamped up to where it is feeling a little chaotic. Of all Mondays, this is a low vibing Monday feeling.

Mid week, we are realizing whatever is holding us back, holding us down, keeping us indecisive, we are ready to release that so we can step into feeling gratitude and abundance for where we are at in life. This gratitude feeling increases our actual abundance whether it be materialistically, emotionally or spiritually. Movement forward allows us to complete cycles, release karma and draw in the people, places, things that are truly in alignment with what we desire. We’re ending the week with a beautiful date, personal escape or a time that feels much lighter than this current energy.

Make sure you taking time out to spend some time in the sunshine to boost your personal energy through RAs energy.

❌ Personal Readings are Available, BUT I will not reach out to you. BOOK on my website❌

I'm taking a break from social media. Find all the current info on happenings, readings, and more on the app. Share with your friends!

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