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October 🎃 Earth 🌎 Signs

What can you expect this month Earth Signs?

It feels like you guys have a very steady forward movement. There has been things in the past where people weren't excepting your offers. There was a lot of indifference between you and other people, or even your own self in the direction that you were going, but over the last few weeks, maybe month you have really determined the direction you want your life to go in and you're starting to put in that work. As you put in that work, and you gain that clarity and you let go of the need or worry about what other people think about your plans, you find more success and more grounded balance.

You're becoming more emotionally mature about your decisions and really putting closure to whatever it is that you've been dealing with for quite some time. Your deepening your understanding for the skills that you have, and enhancing them. You're really learning to alchemize the things from your relationships your emotion and your work, and it just feels like a deep leveling up for you during the month of October.

Whatever it is that you're putting in the work on trust

yourself and have confidence in the direction you were going.

Signs: ♋️ ♒️ travel, roses, rivers or bodies of water

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