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October 🎃 Water Signs 💦

What's coming for the water signs during the month of October?

You're coming from an energy of feeling defeated. This is caused a lot of internal conflict about the direction that you're wanting to go and although you thought you had a clear path now you're re-designing that vision. I feel you will be having your defenses up and protecting your own energy and the direction that you want. You're going to have a newfound success mid month with a lot of financial success coming in for you and feeling at the top of your game.

It's still important for you to honor your boundaries and to stay clear about the direction that you're going. Continue to use the wisdom that your intuition has given you as you enjoy the finances and wealth that is coming. October is not your stopping month. you have to keep pushing forward you're only laying the foundation. You don't have your walls built up yet. Meaning, don't overspend don't talk about your successes and don't stop to celebrate. Honor where you're at and keep going. This is the time to really grow your ability to move forward your only halfway there.

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