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Water signs November

Can we just take a moment and recognize that the death and rebirth card came out while we are in Scorpio season?

I love the synchronicity

Water signs, during the month of November there is a lot of energy coming into you, allowing you to recognize your own power. You have learned a lot of lessons through last year, and now is the time when you begin to see the ending of a cycle reach its closure. You’re looking off into the distant into the future and recognizing that you are the creator of your path. You also have a lot of ancient wisdom that is coming through to help you create a new path not only for yourself, but for generations to come. You have a divine wisdom through your ancestors that are breathing life force into this energy and it’s asking you to step forward into that power so you can really take charge of the direction you are going. You may have outside forces that are trying to pull you back into old patterns old thought processes and it’s important for you to recognize when these are coming up so that you can transmute the energy and remember the peace that’s within you so that you can move in the direction of your soul’s purpose. You are here to transmute the darkness into light take charge of this energy and move forward with it.

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