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December 🌲 Air 💨 Signs

Welcome to December air signs. This month your overall focus is on love and relationships. It feels like here there is a partnership that possibly could be on hold or there is a slight separation between the two of you. The feminine here is really on hold kind of closing out cycles and ready to experience of more fruitful and positive experience during the month really feeling herself and feeling confident. Whereas the masculine energy is more so kind of focusing on the past and reserving Himself for something more stable.

If there’s a third-party energy that you’re aware of this person may be offering their love to a new type of energy that is not anything like you and that could be triggering but honestly it’s only gonna end up disappointing the other person because you and this person have a better energy together. So eventually it’s going to end.

If there’s no third-party, this person is really just focusing on their finances and their career and what really makes them feel happy making money. This could cause a rift between the two of you, because where one person wants to focus on their finances, the other person wants to focus on romance, so there needs to be some type of compromise. Overall, if you’re the feminine, you may be sitting back and waiting for this masculine to come in, but this masculine is just trying to go out and earn more money, or earn more of a stable mindset, in order to give to you.

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