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Mystic Monday 1/15

I'm a day late cuz honestly I forgot what day it was and yesterday all I could think about was my bed.

Anyways here's your mystic Monday reading for the week!

This week feels filled with happiness and fulfillment. a lot of you have new beginnings, new, creative ideas that you are acting upon and you are taking those steps to really put them into action. If you are worried about starting this is your ass assigned to get started.

I also was picking up dancing so you may be dancing in your room in privacy or out and about or you’re thinking about taking a dancing class.

There is a lot of alchemy happening right now and you’re senior future and realizing that up ahead, you will have a lot of decisions to make, but now is not the right time to worry about those decisions. Nothing to do right now is to focus on taking those action steps to get started and when those decisions come up, that’s when you need to focus on them not now.

You may have a suitor reach out to you offer you something and you may deny this person or perhaps you are waiting for them to give you an offer. If you are waiting for someone to give you an offer the message is to stop. Don’t wait for anybody. Don’t put your energy into that person. Allow yourself to move forward to be free so you can focus on yourself and this new beginning, because investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.

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Your body was calling for rest! Never deprive yourself of that.

Thank you for the reading ❤️

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