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Mystic Monday ⚓️ 3/25

What up Gangstas?

This week we are really feeling that eclipse energy and beginning into the retrograde is to help us with transformation. The transformation is happening around our relationship dynamics who are connected to spend their time with.

If you’re going through a relationship change, at this time, it shows here that the feminine wallet separation is focused on her self, the love for herself, and her own confidence. Feeling really good, and in her power.

Well, the masculine is feeling free with new beginnings on the horizon, but there is a little bit of self, isolation and seclusion for that inner work.

If you are single, you could find yourself looking at your relationships with friends and making some changes there regarding who really is for your highest path.

The key this week is to make sure that you are staying true to your feelings.

if you’re not sure of your feelings, take time to discover them, and make sure you are always choosing happiness.

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