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October 🎃 Air Signs 🌬️

What can you expect for the month of OctoberAir signs?

Wow. This month is a very busy for my air signs. You definitely have a counterpart situation here with the Empress and the emperor but let's break it down a little bit.

Now, if you resonate with the feminine energy, this message is for you. I feel a craving a desire to really step into that feminine energy where you can truly trust your intuition and your self and the direction that you're going. Once you can harnessed this trust within yourself and increase your confidence in your feminine energy. I feel more stability and forward movement in your life

If you resonate with the masculine energy, it feels like there's an awareness of deception going on either deception within yourself or around you. There is no illumination of this energy. This month may fill you with some anxiety about decisions you have to make, but it's saying here if you can make those decisions with compassion and love in your heart, you're going to have the most success.

If you are in a relationship, this section is for you air signs. There is a lot of balance coming in through a relationship. This relationship is a very positive match for you, but there has been some deceit and deception. The feminine energy wasn't confident and wasn't trusting her own intuition, and allowed this masculine to deceive her a little bit. There's an illumination here of what exactly transpired. There's no single person in this dynamic that was wrong because both people had a little bit of their shadow self exposed. More balance, and justice is coming into this relationship. Where the masculine is going to be more giving and receptive to emotional healing, where the feminine is really working on leaning back and allowing her self to receive this love.

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